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A lot of things could go wrong with a Google Ad-Words campaign; you may end up with an ad copy that gets ignored all the time, or worse, pay for ineffective ad placements. An Ad-Words campaign offers a lot of advantages in online marketing though; the benefits outweigh the costs by far, which is why a lot of internet marketers work hard to make sure that they can present quality bids.

What Ad-Words Can Do For Your Online Marketing Business

An Ad-words campaign can get you to the first page of the search engines result page (albeit not in the actual rankings), which is handy if you want to gain traffic for a potentially high-traffic keyword that is also targeted by big-time SEO players. Your ads would be visible to a highly targeted market, which means that converting your potential visitors to actual buyers would be easier. Also, with an Adwords campaign, expenses and results can be tracked, so you can modify your strategy as needed.

Getting Started: Keywords, Ad-Words and SEO

When you do decide that you need an Ad-Words campaign to drive traffic to your website, you need to carefully choose the keywords to bid on. Do not try to buy up too many at once. Focus on a few that you believe will work. You can choose just the right keywords by observing industry trends, scouting the competition and using AdWords tools and resources. Google offers free resources, plus you can look up webinars, ebooks, and use keyword tools.

If you have done your homework, your web pages would be quite optimized for the search engines already. The trick then is to bid for keywords that you do not rank for at all. There is no need to pay for something that you already have, is there? Experts also claim that an increase in organic traffic also results to an increase in PPC traffic, and from that, it can be surmised that your SEO efforts, which involve making sure that you have highly relevant, optimized and updated content, may have resulted to better ad placement.

Bidding For Keywords – And The Quality Score

The Google Ad-Words advertising model requires advertisers to bid on the keywords that would trigger the appearance of the sponsored ad. Google decides which ad to display and at which location (some are right at the top of the page, some are on the side, and at times at the very bottom). This is based on a user’s maximum bid and the Quality Score.

Google has always been a stickler for relevance and informative value, which is why they typically only show advertisements that actually match the search query – advertisements that would lead the searcher to the information he needs. This is why the Quality Score system is in place. Quality Score is determined by the relevance of the ad copy, the relevance of the ad itself to the corresponding landing page, the click through rate of the ad, your account’s performance records, and other factors. The relevance is by far the most important.

A high Quality Score would give you better positions for your ads, and as a result, it would get more impressions. It would also reduce cost per click, which means you get to make the most out of the budget you set for your Adword campaign. You can improve your QS by making sure that your ads, your keywords and your web pages are highly relevant.

The Need To Hire Professionals For Your Ad-Words Campaign

Launching an AdWords campaign takes time, effort and commitment. You will have to engage in market research, choose effective keywords within your price range, develop the ad copy, make sure that your web pages are highly relevant to the keywords and the copy, track performance and make adjustments as necessary. That is why you may want to delegate the tasks to a Google Ad-Words expert.

Focus on key business aspects – All the tasks you need to perform for your Ad-Words campaign would demand a lot from you, but if you leave such tasks to experts, you would be able to focus on other business aspects such as product development, customer service and after sales support. That way, when your AdWords campaign becomes successful in driving traffic to your website, your business would be more than ready to cater to customers, and offer quality products and services; you can ensure customer satisfaction, and consequently build a regular customer base.

Cost-efficient – Letting professional Ad-Words consultants help you would also be cheaper in the long run. These professionals would be able to reduce CPC costs and help you launch campaigns according to your budget. They are equipped with high end analytics tools, and are experienced in evaluating the performance of your campaign so if there are changes that have to be made, they can get to it quickly.

Get Started ASAP – It is true that you can learn the inner workings of PPC campaigns yourself but there’s no telling when you would be able to master the concepts, and design copies and strategies that would work. It might take time, which means there would be opportunity costs involved. With hiring experts, you can get started right away, and start earning profits sooner.

If you delegate the tasks to a reliable specialist, you would be able to make the most of your investment and acquire regular visitors and customers, which are exactly what you need to achieve success in online marketing.

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