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Before the search engines gained popularity, the role that backlinking played in the navigation of websites could not go unnoticed. Today, the use of backlinks is still relevant in generating traffic. The higher the quality of the backlinks that a website possesses, the more importance and popularity is achieved. Usually, Google determines the page ranking of a website through the total number of quality backlinks that it has got. True, link building plays a significant role in the determination of the success of a website in relation to search engine optimization. This is the reason why backlinking has been commonly used by internet marketers and website owners.

Mentioned below are vital pointers that you should keep in mind as you strive to enhance your link building 2013 efforts:

The Quality of the Backlinks

Many people have not understood how the quality of the backlinks is attained. Well, without such information, it is difficult to be successful in building effective backlinks for your website and blogs. The reality is that websites can have plenty of backlinks, but, are they quality? If the backlinks have no relation with the niche in which the site belongs to, then they will not be effective. There are several strategies that can be used to increase the number of backlinks pointing to your website. Websites that have attained certain credibility levels can become extremely popular. In some cases the popularity grows to an extent that the owner does not have to request for backlinks from other different websites. The related websites will link back to sites that have got vital information that has a direct relation to their niche.

The Power of Breaking News

One of the techniques of link building is posting breaking news. News and celebrity websites that post exciting new and vital content usually attract traffic and backlinks to their website. The backlinking quality is determined by several factors that are inclusive of the authority of the site, the importance of the subject and the posts relevancy. It is necessary and sufficient to consider backlinking for your website because it has proved to be an effective strategy. Take note that readers are always interested in fresh content and news updates, which is why using this approach to create backlinks is a major plus. You can also get backlinks through the use of press releases. This approach is effective and it provides positive results because there are several websites that can make such publications at no cost. It is advisable to have your press releases professionally written so as to attract significant attention to your site. Keep in mind that the quality of the news updates and press releases should be good. Yes, link building after pinguing updates is effective.

Using the Anchor Text
The anchor text is an important factor that you should consider when creating your backlinks. The anchor texts are a description of a label that is written in the hyperlink. The leads that are clicked to the website where the information can easily be found are also referred to as the anchor text. The anchor text can be examined using the search engine crawlers so as to determine the relevancy to the site. In case you would like a successful SEO campaign with the use of backlinking, then ensure that you place only quality kind of backlinks on your web pages. Also, your choice of keywords and phrases will play a crucial role in the determination of your backlink quality. The search engines usually consider the links as being more relevant in case they come directly from the site that has got related content. There are those internet marketers that request other sites for backlinks. This is usually done by bloggers as well as website owners, However, it you choose this approach, then ensure that the websites are relevant to your specific niche. The best kind of backlinks are the ones that are built with time.

Keep it Natural

In order to build effective backlinks, it is advisable to keep it as natural as possible. You should avoid shady kind of link building strategies such as spamming blogs, forums and abusing the wiki sites, purchasing text links from site owners or brokers. True, you can make some short term profits with this approach, but, the eventually the search engines may catch up with you and place a ban that will restrict you from accessing the main search engines. This means that you stand to be the looser in the long run. Thus, keep it as natural as possible and avoid violating the rules. By playing by the backlinking rules, you should be successful in your efforts.

Quality Content and Follow the Trends

It is crucial for you to ensure that the content that you create is useful. In case you are having a website hosting review site, ensure that the information you provide the readers is helpful and detailed. By doing it right, people will be interested in sharing it in their blogs, forums and websites. You should always follow the trends in your niche since readers are interested in new and fresh information. The reviews that you write on the new trends should be extensive and if done properly, readers will share the content around. Doing this should not be such a difficult process. A combination of quality content and latest trends will definitely capture the attention of your niche market.

Design How-To -Guides and Guest Blogs

You can come up with a step by step user guide that will greatly assist you to harvest as many backlinks as possible. ‘ How to’ has a lot of power hence thousands of websites have specialized in it. Also, the use of guest blogs has proven effective in backlinking. You can invest time and effort in establishing yourself as an expert in a specific field and, write nice informative blogs. By providing quality content, you will receive an author bio that allows the readers to learn more about you and your blog. By doing this right, you will definitely enhance your online visibility. In addition, you should make comments on blogs since this approach has been known to be an effective backlinking building tool. Each time that you post a comment, ensure that the comment is relevant with the information provided on the article. The danger of irrelevant comments is that you face the risk of placing your site under suspicion from the search engines. The picture that you have next to your comment should be made clickable so as to direct those interested to your site or blog and you will notice backlinks coming in within a short time.

Article Writing

Article writing has got close similarity to guest blogging and is a vital tool in link building. Write quality content and upload it on the free directories. It is worth noting that many of these directories have a poor reputation; though, making your submissions does not hurt. Some examples of the well known article directories include: GoArticles, EzineArticles and Article Dashboard. Reading the editorial guidelines of the article directories will assist you in creating valuable content in the most efficient manner possible. One of the essential tips that you should keep in mind, in relation to the backlinks is to position all the links that are permissible to your site or blog within the article. However, this may be dependent on the article directory, You can have one or two links in the resource box provided. In order to receive quick submission, ensure that you familiarize yourself with the editorial guidelines.
Article directory websites manually review all of the articles so as to prevent the spamming of useless kind of information. This is the reason why you should take time to ensure that you do it right. Quality and relevant content is a big plus.

Post on Forums

You can become an active contributor in a big forum, but, ensure that you make proper use of the forum signature. Make sure that you write in sections that relate to your site or blog so as to acquire useful links. It is vital to note that not all the forums will allow links in their signature hence searching for the ones that do makes a big difference. The sites that you choose to acquire backlinks from should be reliable and of good quality. Keep in mind that you select relevant forums for your niche with the aim of building effective backlinks for your website.

Things to Avoid when Link Building 2013

When you are backlinking, you should avoid rushing things. Successful building of backlinks takes time and if you build many of them in a short time, the search engine may find this unnatural leading to suspicion from the search engine. There are times that you can get away with doing this, but, you may end up not being very lucky. There are those who have been known to generate over 200 links within a few days from one post. However, do not rush, take time to build your backlinks progressively. Also, avoid bad neighbourhoods. You should try and link many reputed sites and avoid those that have got a questionable history. The reality is that you may not have direct control on who will backlink you, but, if you have some control, avoid the bad neighborhoods. Avoid overdoing link exchange. You can add a link to your blog or resource page, but, avoid overdoing it. Today, search engines have got some techniques that recognize the link exchanges and may take such links into consideration as you rank your site.

Social Bookmarks

It is a well known fact that using the social bookmarks is an effective way of link building. Once you have been able to set your social media account up, you will create a public profile that you can use to build your links. It is possible to create valuable web traffic at no cost using this approach. Another method to get internet 2.0 profile and backlinks is through the submission of a PDF version of the articles you write to different document sharing websites. This approach has gained popularity and is being used by internet marketers and business owners to build links.

Branding, Joint Ventures and Partnership and Link Bait

It is possible to utilize co-branding, joint ventures or partnerships so as to get backlinks. In order for you to do this successfully, you can request your partners to link back to your site. Link bait involves issuing gifts with the aim of receiving backlinks. One method of doing this is through the issuance of gift cards from the shopping sites that are online so as to attract more guests to the sites. Many of the guests to the traffic will probably be interested in receiving the gifts in the offer, which in turn will increase the current readership because they must access the website in order to win.

Evidently, link building can improve the position of your website in the search engine. However, this approach requires effort and time. You should not assume that successful backlinking is an overnight thing. A lot of patience and perseverance is required in the process. Take note that many use the easy way of purchasing their backlinks; however, this approach has its risk. Keeping it as natural as possible will minimize the suspicions that you receive from the search engines. By giving your target audience what they require and ensuring that their links have a relation to your site, you will be on the right track to receiving top page rankings for your website.

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