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Ever since the internet has pretty much taken over most of the world, there have been a few words related to it that have been added to our regular vocabulary. ‘Website’ and ‘web designing‘ are two of them. Perhaps there is no one on the planet who hasn’t heard of websites and web designing. Everyone knows websites are what make the internet – the most basic component of the internet. Web designing is, of course, the process of constructing and maintaining these websites. While these are just two simple words, people who actually own and operate a website will know how much work goes into making each website. There are a million things you need to consider, and hundreds of worst case scenarios you need to make. Designing a website is no different than building a house or even tending a garden – you need to put in a lot of devotion, time, effort and carefulness to make the website a success. It is because so many different activities are involved in putting up a website, that people outsource this work to web designing companies, who do all the work for them. All you need to do is give them an idea of what you want your website to look like, and what you want it to do. Everything else will be taken care of by the web design company, no frills attached.

Let us now go into the specialized services that we offer – web designs for PrestaShop and WordPress:


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PrestaShop – The Best ecommerce Service on the Web!

PrestaShop has gained immense popularity in the recent years, and for very good reasons too. It is undoubtedly the best ecommerce development service on the planet today. Online shopping is becoming the word of the day, and with such intense competition in this field, it goes without saying that you need to stand out in order to be noticed and survive. You may be offering the same goods as your competitor, but what sets you apart from them is the way you project yourself, and the way your customers feel about using your service. Various studies have shown that the user interface is one of the most important things that decide which online merchants will succeed and who won’t. We offer you the best PrestaShop designs you can find, so you have the definite edge and stand out, always.

What Makes PrestaShop a Good Choice?

There are many things that make PrestaShop not just a good choice, but a wise and excellent one. Here are some features of PrestaShop that will make you understand just how powerful this piece of software is:

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perhaps the best feature PrestaShop has to offer. Although its official developer team is small, the community is huge, and since its open source, people from all over the world constantly contribute to the development of the software, and this is what has made PrestaShop such a great application.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Money_2.png’ title=”Free!”]It´s Free!

Since it is open source, it goes without saying that you don’t have to pay a cent to get yourself a copy of PrestaShop. Now this might be surprising to some – something that is the best in its class, and free?! Too hard to believe, but true nevertheless.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Expose.png’ title=”Plug-ins”]Huge collection of plug-ins

restaShop has a literally endless choice of plug-ins from which to choose to attach to your online shop, and you can customize everything down to the minutest detail. You can handle multiple stores and clients, multiple payment options, and you have access to the best back office management software ever. Everything is just so easy to operate; you’ll find it difficult to believe it’s actually so simple.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Chart_3.png’ title=”SEO Friendly”]SEO Friendly

each new feature only adds to the lucrative things PrestaShop has to offer. It is 100% SEO friendly, which means you can rank well in the search engine results when people look for things your online shop offers for purchase. Right from the individual page URLs to metadata on the pages to optimizing content with keywords, PrestaShop easily adjusts to any SEO oriented change you want to make, and is another reason why you should select PrestaShop.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Monitor.png’ title=”Security”]Security…

Ah, the most critical aspect of any online system that deals with money and PrestaShop is by no means any lesser than the big guns when it comes to security. It is 100% PCI compliant, and puts privacy before everything else. The software supports SSL, which is guaranteed to put every bit of information about your customers safe and secure.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Globe.png’ title=”Global”]Global adaptability

PrestaShop is available in over 50 languages, and can be used with almost every currency in the world. What this means is it doesn’t matter where your customer resides, or what language he/she speaks – all you need is to let them select their desired language and currency, and you’re done – the customer’s very own, personalized online store to begin shopping from. This is another excellent feature of PrestaShop that makes it so desirable

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So now that you know how useful PrestaShop is, you will definitely want to begin your e-commerce business using PrestaShop. Let us help you with the design part – we have hundreds of customized, template built PrestaShop designs that will leave you spell bound, and will make you dazzle for sure!

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WordPress – The Best Website Service on the Web!

Let us now talk about the other specialized web design services we provide for – WordPress. WordPress is currently the best website service on the internet, and it has evolved quite a lot from the blogging platform that it used to be. Although its blogging service still stands on the top – with an estimated 60 million bloggers using WordPress blogs across the globe, it is it’s website service that is fast catching up. One of the best things about a WordPress website are the themes offered – there are literally thousands of themes to choose from, and by using our customized services for WordPress websites, you can be the proud owner of the best WordPress website you will see. Let us look into the finer details of WordPress.
What Sets WordPress Apart?

There are many features that set WordPress apart from the regular, conventional website. Here we look at a few of them:

[sidebar_tab_container initial_open=”1″ boxed=’false’ ] [sidebar_tab icon=’Delicious.png’ title=”Simplicity”]The simplicity

WordPress was built for simplicity, and it did a very good job in this department. The main intention of WordPress was to make the website building business simple enough for anyone to be able to do it, and boy, did they succeed. Even the most inexperienced user can begin working with WordPress and familiarize himself with the various controls in just minutes.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Unlocked.png’ title=”DIY”] DIY

With WordPress, you don’t have to depend on your developer to make small changes and waste your time in the process. Being as simple as it is to operate, WordPress lets you make the tiny changes yourself, be it in the user interface, or in the back end, and you save a lot of time, plus you get the satisfaction of programming your own website, although you don’t need to know even a bit of it.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Timer.png’ title=”Save time”]Manage your time

WordPress’s auto-publish feature is a great deal; you can create future posts in advance and set them to be published at specific dates and times, so that you don’t have to be present in front of the computer at that specific time to post new content. This is a very easy and amazing way to manage future updates, especially if you are a busy person who has many more things to attend to.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Facebook.png’ title=”Social Media”]Highly social media friendly

WordPress websites are known for being social media-friendly and you will see the difference between traditional websites and WordPress ones the moment you begin using one. They integrate seamlessly with social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all your favorite ones. So when you make a new post on your website, it gets published automatically across all these websites as well, saving you from the hassle of logging in into each website individually and posting stuff.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Graph.png’ title=”SEO Friendly”]Very SEO friendly

This is another great reason that has made so many people to begin using WordPress websites. There is a minimal amount of HTML code involved, which means major search engines like Google will put you on their preference list while indexing your website. What this also means is you stand a very good chance of ranking among the top results in major search engines, with the right structuring and keyword optimizing.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Users.png’ title=”Interaction”]Great user interaction

Unlike traditional websites, WordPress websites allow users to make comments on individual posts, which paves the way for a great way for users to interact with you, anonymously. Sure, traditional websites have the ‘contact us’ form page, but typing in comments is not only faster, but allows for real time communication, as the moderators can reply as soon as they see the comment, provided they are online too. This is one of the better features of WordPress.

[/sidebar_tab] [sidebar_tab icon=’Admin_User.png’ title=”Moderation”]Better moderation

With WordPress websites, you can monitor the comments on your website so that they are published only after you approve them. This removes the trouble of having to check each comment and post for spammers, who not only post rubbish, but also seek to defame your business, as is the case with traditional websites, that maintain chat rooms or forums for discussion with users. With WordPress, it’s all in the comments.

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Now that you’ve seen the amazing features that both PrestaShop and WordPress have, we think you will be convinced beyond doubt that these two are the services to go with to build and develop your website. We have the largest resource of web designs for websites made with these services, and you will leave pleased with your design; we can guarantee you that. Our team is dedicated, hard working, experienced and completely devoted to you, the customer. We have great after sales support, who are present always to help you out with even the tiniest problem. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry – the most affordable web design services you will find on the internet! With us, you get value for each cent that you pay. Come on in and see the difference for yourself!


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