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Online Marketing From The East to The West

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√ Danish owned company

√ Over 10 years of knowledge

√ Experts in SEO, Web design and Programming

√ Company located in Thailand = Affordable prices and happy customers


The first question we hear from new customers and partners is “why is the company in Thailand?”

The answer is very simple: We love the heat, the food, the culture and so has the city of Chiang Mai, where the company is located, super talented universities which train programmers, web designers and online marketers in a class by itself. The city was in 2012 voted the best city for companies that want to have IT expertise at competitive prices.

In addition, there are also advantages in that it is cheaper to do business here because things like taxes, wages, rental of premises, etc. is up to 70% cheaper than in Europe.

This in turn implies that we can offer our customers and partners, some extremely attractive prices that makes sense for both parties – also called a Win-Win situation.

We have chosen to focus on what we do best and that’s Online Marketing. Here we have chosen to focus on SEO (search engine optimization) to our Danish customers. We also work with programming and web design for systems WordPress and PrestaShop which are the two largest players in the Open Source CMS and E-commerce.

You can see more about the people behind the company here.

We love to talk with you! So you can also choose to contact us now by email or phone. Although there are up to 6 hour time difference between Thailand and Europe, so the phones are still open Danish time between 9-16 on weekdays.

We look forward to hearing from you.

move marketing teamet foran kontoret i chaing mai
Part of the team infront of the office in Chiang Mai, Thailand…

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